About Us

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S&K Federal News Feed is managed by the Corporate Development Group (CDG) and serves as our tracking home base for potential legislative changes, procurement programs, and litigation matters that may affect our business at S&K Technologies, Inc.

As the CDG expands our services, we continue to seek effective ways to educate and inform our customer base.  The S&K Federal News Feed was conceived from the absence of a central collaboration point for our executives, operations managers, and business development specialists to track and monitor federal changes that might impact the way we do businesses.  Our goal is to stay ahead of the curve and improve strategic planning and procurement activities as our companies grow and evolve.

The blog will be regularly updated with articles, data, reports, and newsletters collected from reputable sources.  Topics include:

  • Government Contracts and FAR Updates
  • Business & Corporate Law
  • Small Business Administration Programs
  • Litigation
  • Government Relations Services
  • Native American Policies

As with any of our tools, we encourage you to collaborate, comment, and send articles that you find for inclusion.  The blog is currently in a beta development phase and your feedback is welcomed.  Please use the contact form below!


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