Notable protest is denied by GAO

If you’ve followed this story since November of last year, the GAO has just announced that Boeing and Lockheed’s protest has been denied for this $80 billion dollar bomber contract.

GAO Denies Boeing’s Protest of Bomber Contract

Defense News

WASHINGTON — The Government Accountability Office has denied Boeing’s protest of the US Air Force’s decision to award Northrop Grumman a contract to build the Long Range Strike Bomber, allowing Northrop to move forward with engineering and development work after a three-month delay.

“GAO reviewed the challenges to the selection decision raised by Boeing and has found no basis to sustain or uphold the protest,” GAO wrote in the Feb. 16 decision. “In denying Boeing’s protest, GAO concluded that the technical evaluation, and the evaluation of costs, was reasonable, consistent with the terms of the solicitation, and in accordance with procurement laws and regulations.”  Read more..

And here’s more for your reading free time:

Why It’s So Damned Hard To Build a New Bomber

Popular Mechanics

Will Northrop Grumman’s Long-Range Strike Bomber soar where its predecessors have been grounded by cost overruns and poor planning?

Northrop Grumman didn’t get long to celebrate winning one of the most important defense contracts of the 21st century. The week after it secured a $55 billion-and-growing deal to build the Long-Range Strike Bomber (LSRB), the successor to the B-2, losing bidders Boeing and Lockheed filed a protest against the stealth bomber contract award. This may go nowhere—only about one-fifth of such protests succeed. But it’s one hint of just how dragged-out and difficult the process of bringing a new bomber into this world can be.

The LSRB, in fact, represents the military’s fourth attempt to replace the venerable B-52 Stratofortress. More bombers get taken out by Congress than by surface-to-air missiles, and the new LRSB follows several bomber projects which have not gone according to plan. What happened to those dreams? And will the LRSB go the same way, or get fourth-time lucky?  Read more…


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